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Unfortunate Misspelling

Unfortunately, this blog was inspired by the wonderful email that contained the inspiration for this blog. However, just for the record, the plural of Hot Toddy, is actually spelled Hot Toddies, not Hot Toddys. This mistake was corrected by the originator of the email in his follow up email that contained more information on the premise of the blog. Now the trip is more of an Extravaganza that includes:

outdoor hot tub (will try to find a cabin that has one)
Alcohol consumption
Casino gambling
Texas hold’em at the cabin
Board gaming
video gaming
Heavenly Gondola rides
Attending sick-ass dub step parties
Ice skating
…and other shit

I am certain that “…and other shit” definitely involves relentless listening to this band “Hot Toddies” while sitting “By the Fire”!

For more from The Hot Toddies check out their Myspace, yep Myspace!


As for the concern of spelling and grammar it may be best discussed during a Texas Holdem Poker game or on the dance floor of a sick ass dub step party. ¬†Other shit may be examining the grammatical rule that changes the “Y” to “IE.” ¬†However, the editors of this blog still remain proud of our blog name representing the quintessentially misspelled plural form of delicious hot alcoholic beverage and all things laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire.

-Tahoe Ski and Toddy Drinker
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Trail Maps: Heavenly

A Heavenly Map


Heavenly Trail Map

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