Check Out “All I Can” Ski/Environmental Movie and Get Stoked/Inspired!

All I can combines extreme skiing and traveling and addresses the environmental concerns at stake for riders around the planet. A good combination to get you stoked to hit the slopes and inspired to do some good.

All.I.Can. Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

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Gondola Art: No Pie

The local pizza delivery guy a specialist in guerrilla marketing tactics

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As people plan Laketahoekisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire Extravaganzas please use this blog as a community to invite friends, list activities, breakdown costs and time frames, locations and potential getaways!  Need people to crash in your cabin, throw down on a hotel room, share a zipcar, hotbox a gondola, toss back some of Dan O’s Self Proclaimed World Infamous Hail Marys, drown in Laurent-Perrier type Tahoe Powder, or just someone to ski with, recruit them here in the comments section!

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Tahoe Picks: The Ride Up vs The Ride Home

The ride up is full of excitement glory, anticipation, good conversation, coffee and usually sunshine.


Anticipation on: “The Ride Up”

The ride home can be taken with mixed feelings, soreness, the longing to stay, tiredness, and blizzards.  The worst is when you have to get home driving through a blizzard, calling your co-workers to cover for you so you can stay for a powder day, but nobody will.  You have to carefully make your way through the blizzard and get to work.  On the contrary, a drive up with snow in the forecast creates a whimsical feeling of excitement for the looming powder day.  This years’ Champagne Powder Days are hopefully going to be brought to you by Dom Pérignon, Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot, and Laurent-Perrier!  Drive safe and we will see you on the slopes!

Chain law in effect for Highway 50

-Tahoe Ski

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The Tahoe Bloody Mary List: Dan O’s Self Proclaimed, “World Infamous ‘Hail Mary'”

Much ado about Booze…’Hottoddysbythefires’ sound great in the words of R Kelly when he’s ‘chillin’ in the Alps, “Aprés the aprés ski schnapps.” However, what to drink on the slopes when, “I can’t can’t feel your toes” and ” I have to pee” syndrome sets in by your significant other after the first two mouthwatering runs.  Now you can cure the, “I’m cold” syndrome with the L aketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire guide to Bloody Marys, this ongoing section will feature the most delicious Bloody Marys, labeled by Vail Resorts Corporate Marketing Team as, “Mountain Marys” and will be called the Tahoe Bloody Mary List.  To submit your own feature to the Tahoe Bloody Mary List please click here.

In accordance to the Bloody Mary Manifesto written in part by the author of this blog, Tahoe Ski, in 2010, a new addition to the laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire blog will be an inquiry into the understanding of Bloodymaryism by the barkeeps on the slopes and base lodges of the heavenly mountain.

First up, Dan O’s Self Proclaimed, “World Infamous ‘Hail Mary.'”

Dan O's World Infamous Hail Mary hits the spot after the first few runs before lunch

Imagine your craving for a perfect Bloody Mary, probably after your second or third run of the season, realizing your legs feel like a ski tuning clamp is relentlessly closing in through your quads and reaching your tibia, the newly tuned skis are no match for the rocky, man made, conditions granting 12% of the terrain open, your lips are more chapped than your second day at burning man, your feet hurt like hell from the boots you should have gotten rid of 6 years ago, you realize you may have pulled the rookie first ascent trip maneuver and locked your keys in your car at the Stagecoach lodge parking, or worse, you parked at the Saddle Road Lodge on the California side.  Alas, somehow you stumble into the cozy ‘nooked’ den of the East Peak Lodge bar and are greeted with a smile of resilience and commodore by a Tahoe slope bartender who goes by the name of Dan O.  Some solace may be granted when you stumble into his lair and order a Kettle One Citrus Bloody Mary.  He may respond with a wink, or a nudge, or a stiff non-corporately allowed pour, sensing your craving for spice, pickled garnishes and vodka to numb the early season pain.

All in all, Dan O’s Self Proclaimed World Infamous Hail Mary ranks among the best bloodys on and off the slopes.  The allure of the selectivity random decor on the back bar, personality, overall quality of the  Dan O’s Self Proclaimed World Infamous Hail Mary is truly a drink you can crave in the offseason, deserve on your first day and cherish before you hit the slopes for a few more early season cruisers.

-Tahoe Ski

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US Skiing ‘Bode’ing Well?!

Our favorite guy that makes you go


every time you watch him barrel down the slopes has done it again.  On the treacherous Birds of Prey downhill course in Beaver Creek Colorado took the top spot by over half a second.  Does this ‘Bode’ well for the rest of the season…maybe, if he can manage to stay upright!

Golden Stance

Congrats to Lindsay Vonn in full form taking a clean sweep at Gold in Lake Louise Canada.  Basically, she is awesome and in full form–he only other woman to ever do it was long time nemesis of our beloved Picabo Street, Katja Setzinger, in 1997.   Julia Mancuso finishes third, does this mean the US has a solid ski team?  Lets keep our eyes on the slopes from a good “Vonnage” point this winter and find out!

-Tahoe Ski

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Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

Takes all sorts of Gold!

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Keep Tahoe Brown

A campaign slogan developed in the 2010-11 laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire season that will ultimately take form this year under inspirational blog namesake creator Usman Chaudhary and his quest for a sovereign land Usmanistan.  May we all join him for some Lake Tahow Ski Snowboarding Sledding Hot ‘Toddys’ By The Fire Extravaganza this year, I personally can’t wait!


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Happy Thanksgiving! Buy Your Season Pass Soon!

Now that you have surely stuffed yourself with enough stuffing, TurDuckEn, cranberry sauce and gravy laced macaroni and cheese, you need to burn off those calories on the slopes!

If you haven’t bought your season pass for the 2011-12 laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire season, then you better hurry!  Last day for the Heavenly/Northstar pass is Tuesday Nov. 29th!  If you are hardcore and plan to visit other Vail resorts in Colorado you may want to get one of the Epic passes that allow you access to the Colorado mountains, or the Tahoe local pass is a better deal if you are sticking around.
Click here for the link to buy your pass now!


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Unfortunate Misspelling

Unfortunately, this blog was inspired by the wonderful email that contained the inspiration for this blog. However, just for the record, the plural of Hot Toddy, is actually spelled Hot Toddies, not Hot Toddys. This mistake was corrected by the originator of the email in his follow up email that contained more information on the premise of the blog. Now the trip is more of an Extravaganza that includes:

outdoor hot tub (will try to find a cabin that has one)
Alcohol consumption
Casino gambling
Texas hold’em at the cabin
Board gaming
video gaming
Heavenly Gondola rides
Attending sick-ass dub step parties
Ice skating
…and other shit

I am certain that “…and other shit” definitely involves relentless listening to this band “Hot Toddies” while sitting “By the Fire”!

For more from The Hot Toddies check out their Myspace, yep Myspace!


As for the concern of spelling and grammar it may be best discussed during a Texas Holdem Poker game or on the dance floor of a sick ass dub step party.  Other shit may be examining the grammatical rule that changes the “Y” to “IE.”  However, the editors of this blog still remain proud of our blog name representing the quintessentially misspelled plural form of delicious hot alcoholic beverage and all things laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire.

-Tahoe Ski and Toddy Drinker
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