Dear Mountain Sports Enthusiasts, Hot Toddy Enthusiasts, Tahoe Enthusiasts, and Enthusiasts of ‘Keeping Tahoe ___insert noun___ (preferably color),

Ahh yes that time of year has come.  And a shame technology is so advanced that we can create such subject lines of epic proportions such as, “laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire” and write a truly mouthwatering email with a gigantic cliff hanger…”Hello everyone!!! The snow has arrived in Tahoe!”
End message…

Boulder Lodge at Heavenly

Thus, I have created a blog to expand on the subject matter that being:

Lake Tahoe




Hot Toddys

By the Fire

And Im assuming there are more categories, and we can develop those as time goes on.  Lets mix and match too!

Lake Tahoe Hot Toddys

Sledding By the Fire

Snowboarding Lake Tahoe

They all have a nice interchangeable ring. Please feel free to use this blog as a forum for your hope and dreams for LakeTahoeSkiSnowboardingSleddingHotToddysByTheFire whatever they may be!

Keeping Tahoe Blogged,

-The Tahoe Ski, Metaphor and Toddy Team


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