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Im just a writer, a poet, a person living life on the edge of inspiration. Sometimes I like to write, and a lot of times I don't like to edit or show people my work. A lot of times I like to write in blogs and hope that one day people may stumble across it and chuckle. Let me know if you chuckle, give a whoop on a chairlift, pose for an epic mix camera, post that photo on this blog. I just want to put the fun and the SOUL back in skiing, snowboarding, sledding, drinking hot 'toddies' (yes it's spelled wrong on purpose), and by the fire. Thus, -tahoeski

Looking Forward to Some Bugs in my Teeth!

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First Time on the Hill 2012-13 Season!

It was an epic day full of sunshine after the first big storm of the season!  We were one of the first to ski on the California side of Heavenly on Friday Dec 7th!



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Warren Miller Flow State Friday November 16th @ Castro Theater in SF

Save the date, the Laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire crew will be attending the November 16th showing of Warren Miller’s new flick at Castro Theater. I can’t wait to whet my ski palate with his comforting voice and great footage!

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Keep Tahoe ________

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2012-2013 Season Approaching!

Stay tuned for details for the 2013 Laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire Extravaganza!




A View from the Eagles Nest where the Laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire Extravaganza occurred last year!

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Vail Resorts buys Kirkwood Mountain for $18 million

Grab your skis and head out to Kirkwood for some steeps on the same pass as Heavenly and Northstar this year in the Tahoe Region and the Epic Pass has become even more epic!





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The Eagles Have Landed

In the Eagle Nest…

That a Patriotic F@#$%ing Eagle



Plenty of Gaping to go around!


A real 'Gaper', I bet she's off for some Hottoddysbythefire after this call!

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I Need a Ride: Sponsored by Charlito’s Cocina…

Please note that pending a ride, I shall provide plenty of charcuterie provided by my buddy Charles from NY who crashed on my floor for the Fancy Food Show and left town in a hurry leaving me with plenty of his Trufa Seca, a rich and sultry dry-cured black truffle sausage!

I am now the West Coast Ambassador for Charlito's Cocina

I’m tired of searching Craigslist so I signed up for Zimride, they seem to be a pretty good website for rideshares.  It even posts to Craigslist for you, if you are tired of posting on Craigslist, but don’t want to fully neglect it because it might actually work this time.

Zimride seems cool, I signed up today cause I need to hitch a ride so I can finally make it to the long anticipated Laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire Extravaganza!

See you drinking hottoddysbythefire!

-Tahoe Ski

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Snowdance 2012

Be a part of Snowdance 2012 on my rooftop Divisadero and McAllister SF CA tonight because…

A snowdance to be held on the roof

If we don’t summon the snow God, Is it ever going to snow?

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Please make me a…

The lodge at Sierra

Let it snow!


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