I Need a Ride: Sponsored by Charlito’s Cocina…

Please note that pending a ride, I shall provide plenty of charcuterie provided by my buddy Charles from NY who crashed on my floor for the Fancy Food Show and left town in a hurry leaving me with plenty of his Trufa Seca, a rich and sultry dry-cured black truffle sausage!

I am now the West Coast Ambassador for Charlito's Cocina

I’m tired of searching Craigslist so I signed up for Zimride, they seem to be a pretty good website for rideshares.  It even posts to Craigslist for you, if you are tired of posting on Craigslist, but don’t want to fully neglect it because it might actually work this time.

Zimride seems cool, I signed up today cause I need to hitch a ride so I can finally make it to the long anticipated Laketahoeskisnowboardingsleddinghottoddysbythefire Extravaganza!

See you drinking hottoddysbythefire!

-Tahoe Ski

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2 thoughts on “I Need a Ride: Sponsored by Charlito’s Cocina…

  1. Usman

    Yeah, I looked up the bus that takes you from sf to Tahoe. It kinda sucks if you already have a season pass and have a place to stay for three days. It would be a 100 dollars to get you up there. . Otherwise, not a bad deal for a day trip.

  2. I got one on Zimride.com!

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